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Mobile transaction service
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" uses small business hosting service to provide transaction abilty to tourers with their"
When a tourist goes in to restaurant most of the time they have the uncertainty of when kind of food to expect ;what kind of pricing structre they have; and ...more »

Hyperbolic Multilateration Positioning
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" uses location traking via phone to assist with localized info,alerts and other requirements of the tourists for their"
Requierments of a tourer is enormus. And they expect answers to their dynamic isseus to be at their fingertips. However inorder to find asnwers to their isseus ...more »

Regional Alerts
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" with the location traking service system could send you regional specific alerts (pupups) to you phone when you reach a"
Some times when you are touring in an area where you've never been before , you tend to miss-out places of importance, when you are right next to place in ...more »